Mad about Music
1 Carlisle Road
Derry, Northern Ireland
We contacted GR Security to assess the needs of our outlets and obtain a quotation.

We talked to Martin about what was needed to secure his newest outlet. It was decided that we would install a duel pedestal AM system enabling us to use a DR label. The result is good detection and a nice neat looking security label that takes up minimal room on the product, whilst still acting as a deterrent.

Having already dealt with suppliers of security installations who were either incapable of ascertaining the needs of our outlets or just attempting to add on unnecessary expense for extra profit, GR Security came as a breath of fresh air. Ronan is a well-informed, highly-capable operator who is willing to meet tight deadlines efficiently at a reasonable cost. Both he and his staff are professionally presented at all times and attempt to understand their client’s needs to present the best and most economic solution available specifically for the business. The installation was a smooth process, with minimum fuss and the after-sales communication has been very useful in maintaining our supply levels for tags. GR Security comes highly recommended.

Martin, Mad about Music