The Problem

Tom has had an ongoing problem with theft especially since the lockdown, practically with the off-licence stock (Retail theft prevention). The weekend and late night-time were of concern. There was less and younger staff working, and the premise was more vulnerable.

The Solution

After a comprehensive review, we decided to go with Easi Cap bottle tags for the Spirits and expensive wines and hard tags for the baskets. Easi cap tags offer an immediate strong deterrent to a potential thief because if the bottle is stolen, taken the cap of will prove difficult.

The basket were protected to stop them being removed from the store by customers not wishing to purchase carrier bag from the shop. Many ending up in the local park.

With 2 antennas at the exit this completes the best value solution to reduce shrinkage. Staff training took place on the day of installation with the system fully operational 3 days after.