Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems have been consistently linked to retail loss prevention and are guaranteed to protect your merchandise. This page will explain not only what an EAS Systems is and how it works, but will also outline how our EAS Security systems can best fit your business.

What is an EAS Tagging System?

EAS Tagging is a detection system designed to protect retail stock and deter criminals. This method of security tagging consists of several key components, such as:

  • EAS labels
  • EAS security tags
  • Tag Detachers
  • Deactivators

We offer an extensive range of EAS solutions to meet your specific security needs. Our tagging systems include security seals, meat labels, hard tags, ink tags, bottle tags, cameras and much more. You can download our brochure for more detail on any of our products.

How does EAS Technology work?

Active security tags will be fixed to your merchandise and trigger an alarm when brought too close to the detection sensors. Staff can remove the EAS tags by a detacher or deactivator, ensuring that all your stock is accounted for and any unauthorised attempts to remove products from the store will be prevented.

Who is the EAS System for?

EAS tagging is an essential for any retail business, big or small.

We understand that no two business are alike and are proud to offer a range of products to accommodate your unique retail needs.

Whether you work in fashion retail, pharmacy, or a library – we can guarantee an EAS system that will be right for you. For more details on the range of products available and their benefits, please consult our brochure.

EAS tag gallery

Samples of EAS tags used in the modern days retail shop to increase the theft prevention and security.

Why do I need EAS Security?

What benefits can you expect when you install your EAS Security system? Having EAS systems in your store can help to:

  • Reduce losses
  • Increase profit margins
  • Protect your business
  • Give staff confidence

With crimes such as internal and external shoplifting accounting for millions in losses in the U.K. last year alone, the EAS system is an instantly effective step in combatting unnecessary shrinkage.

To learn more about protecting your merchandise with our reliable and established technology, contact us today for your consultation.


Our retail customers are frequently asking the questions listed below. Please check if you can find your answer:

EAS stands for Electronic Article Surveillance.

An EAS System is a form of technological security designed to prevent retail losses and protect merchandise, such as books or clothing, from shoplifting.

A wide range of EAS tagging is available, designed to suit the specific needs of your business. In each case, the active EAS tag will be attached to the merchandise so that if the product is removed from the store without being deactivated, an EAS alarm will be triggered to alert staff.

We offer an extensive variety of security tags to accommodate all retail needs. Hard tags and ink tags are ideal for standard retail products. Our security seals and warning labels are highly beneficial to pharmacies; EAS labels and meat tags are a reliable choice for grocers and butchers. We are proud to offer a suitable tagging system for any business.

As detection relies upon an active tag triggering an EAS alarm, it is necessary to deactivate the security tag when a purchase is made. This is a straightforward process carried out by staff using a deactivator such as manual handheld or power tag detachers, or by RF and AM deactivation pads.

Installing an EAS Security System has been proven to decrease shrinkage by identifying theft and deterring potential shoplifters. There are many options available, including EAS tagging, CCTV surveillance and antennas.

CCTV has numerous security benefits in a retail environment. It can help to deter and identify shoplifters and provide peace of mind for you and your staff. Video surveillance systems are often considered one of the most effective solutions for securing retail premises and are highly recommended.

As EAS technology is designed to prevent shrinkage, EAS solutions are a must for any retail business. Whether your business is big or small, specialises in fashion or food, security tagging is guaranteed to protect your merchandise and increase shop security by minimising the risk of shoplifting.