Automated Traffic Control System for your Businesses.

Governments have imposed a social distancing regulation to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Many businesses are now required to control the number of visitors entering their facility or building. Many have responded with assigning physical personnel to control the customer traffic at their entrances

We have an Automated Occupancy Control.

System that is dedicated to provide a more cost-effective and efficient way to abide by these safety regulations during the global pandemic.

  • Count real-time occupancy in your building
  • Automated display at your entrance to control incoming traffic
  • Alert staff if capacity limit is breached
  • Quick and fast implementation

Alerts Staff when Occupancy Limit is Breached.

Set a predetermined threshold on the number of people occupying a certain space. The live dashboard keeps the staff members posted on the current occupancy levels.

In the event where customers disregard the traffic light indicator when the occupancy limit is breached, an alert will be sent to your staff so that they can take timely action to control the number of people in your premises.

Managers will be able to put their mind at ease knowing that the welfare of their employees and customers are protected during the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

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