5 Free Tips to Prevent Shoplifting

Staff training

Well trained staff is your greatest asset against shop lifting. A company policy and training on shoplifting will ensure your staff are well equipped when faced with the difficult situation of confronting a shoplifter or alerting security. Highlighting certain characteristics to look out for and having defined approaches and responses will give confidence to an employee as well as make sure true customers will not end up offended.



Shoplifters have certain characteristics and behavioural traits, always be aware and look out for the following:

  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Erratic shopping behaviour
  • An appearance of being rushed
  • Leaving the store and returning repeatedly
  • Watching the staff movements – possibly looking for opportunities

An alert employee will spot these, maybe the person is “known”, these are triggers for your “Plan of action”


Plan of Action

If an employee’s suspicions have been raised, then having a “plan of action” in place as part of your company policy will allow for a coordinated response. The aim is always to deter the potential thief and welcome the paying customer. This should start by making the manager aware who in turn will instruct the staff to move onto the shop floor under the guise of greeting customers and offering assistance. Courtesy and attention are good for business and bad for shoplifters.


Product Placement


  • Place high risk products in eye-line of staff to help protect the product.
  • Avoid high shelves in front of the till area
  • Avoid placing high risk products near the exit
  • Narrow cluttered aisles make a thief’s job easier


Advertise against shoplifting

Post warning signs stating a rigorous shoplifting policy and hard-line approach to would be shoplifters. Place these in hard to watch areas and where you have high risk. Be clear and concise in your message and it will send a clear signal to any potential thieves to take their trade elsewhere.

Implementing all of these tips is just part of protecting yourself against shoplifting, we offer a free security consultation and review of your premises, contact us now and join the fight against theft.