Can you spend a couple of minutes helping a new start up project by answering 6 simple questions so that we can further develop our product?

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Reduce costs and increase efficiency with one fully integrated end to end service tracking application.]

Order work

  • Issue store specific health & safety information, fire exits ect
  • Authorise work, commencement and completion
  • Real time capture of data from time on site to parts used & more
  • Information captured creates a simple report detailing all key information.


By completing our survey you will be given FREE access to an interactive preview of our product with absolutely no cost, obligation or commitment.

    1. What is your current procedure for a contractor visiting your site.

    2. What is the key information captured for you and your company?

    3. What would you like to change about your currant system?

    4. What percentage of your maintenance charges are challenged or questionable?

    5. What is the most common reason for a bill to be challenged

    6. What value would you place on a system that tracks actual time on site, material used and needs little or no on site interaction between contractor and staff?